Who am I, and why is it your problem?

I’m Miles Klee, a 6’2” Pisces himbo in Los Angeles. I’ve been reporting on the internet for more than a decade — the scandals and triumphs, the memes and subcultures, everything that happens online. Many well-adjusted people have better things to do than keep up with the drama of people who can’t log off, and that’s where I come in: I dig into the incidents, trends and communities that seem utterly baffling on the surface so that I can relate their meaning and context to the casual observer.

Of course, I also like to critique the art of shitposting itself, preach the gospel of tank tops, review different kinds of chips, livetweet ’90s action films as I watch one minute per day, obsessively listen to Enya, post unapologetic thirst traps and mix it up with the horniest weirdos on social media. To me, the internet should be like a pool party. You’ll see what I mean if you join up, and I hope you do. It’ll be a silly good time.

My aim is to make Miles High Club a better version of your digital experience, something well-curated, cozy, entertaining and devoid of trolls and haters. I want to answer your questions, follow up your tips and requests, and create a place that’s nothing but friendly vibes. In short, I want to hang out with you.

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